Annie Nguyen began her career in haute couture after she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology where she won the Critic Award in the Spring of 2003. After graduation, Annie began working for several distinguished companies such as Liz Claiborne, George Simonton, and Impression. In 2007, Annie left to establish her own brand known as NG Fashion and is officially changed to Annie.N.

From a young age, she developed a strong passion for sewing and designing. Annie signature style focuses on classic designs that are still fashion forward with clean intricate cuts, excellent fits and high quality fabrication. Whether it is her delicate embroidery, dramatic dress trains, or fine beaded fabric details, each piece exudes art characteristic from her inspiration and creativity that to turn each gown into a masterpiece

“Everything I do is from my heart and soul: I believe fashion can’t simply be summed up as expressions of modernity, difference, fashion awareness, or the need to fit in, but that it’s also a more private method of expressing confidence of spirit, comfort and love. I enjoy watching people be happy through inspiration by my outlook on everything that has happened in my life. I observe Fashion, touch it, feel it, see it, consider it, and then share it with others by designing a beautiful style to help build confidence. When you are confident, you have perseverance, and perseverance brings you success and ultimately happiness; this is what is important in life. I design for cosmopolitan women who feel desirable and who strive for beauty day and night.” – Annie Nguyen